Posted on Aug 21, 2020

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Are you considering renting warehouse space in Austin Tx?

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Make sure to take your time to define your needs. Below are some criteria to consider:

Loading at warehouse facilities comes in many different forms. Here are a few examples:

Grade Level Loading
Grade Level loading involves an overhead door at ground level. This type of loading often involves drive-in access and/or fork lift egress. There are many different sized doors to accomodate the expected size of trucks and loads.

Semi Dock Loading
Semi Dock, or Half Dock loading involved a 2’ height typically used by delivery trucks like FedEx or USPS. This type of loading can be achieved through either a true 2’ high building slab or a truck well excavated to the 2’ level.

Dock High Loading
Dock loading involves an access point for a container or trailer which is typically approximately 4’ from the ground level. Containers heights can vary slightly due to many factors, and this difference is usually accomodated by the use of a dock plate or dock leveller.

Like semi dock loading, dock level loading can be achieved by a truly elevated slab to 4’, or an excavated dock well.
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