Posted on Apr 10, 2020

Austin Tenant Advisors

What is the Commercial Lease Commencement Date?

The lease commencement date in a commercial lease typically refers to the start date of the lease term. It’s worth noting that the lease commencement date is not always the date the Tenant begins paying rent as rent abatement or early occupancy may have been negotiated.

Commercial lease commencement dates will be written differently in leases depending on the existing condition of the space or what has been negotiated.

For example if tenant improvements are needed you may see the lease commencement date stated as the earlier or later of the date a Tenant occupies any portion of a space and begins conducting business or the date on which the improvements have been completed by the landlord as per the work letter.

If no tenant improvements are needed the lease commencement date may say the earlier of a specified date or the date when a Tenant begins occupying the space.

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